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Have you ever had this fantasy?.....

So you won the coin toss and get to break. You chalk up the stick, take a few practice strokes, nice and smooth, and then... WHACK! The balls fly all over the table...the 4 ball drops into the corner pocket. A high ball goes in too.

Alright, you've got your choice of solids or stripes. Let's see...the low balls are pretty well spread out. There's a couple of striped balls that are bunched up along the rail and sitting at a weird angle. You see a solid 2 ball that is near the 8 and would make a nice last ball. That's it, you take the lows.

An easy 6 ball shot drops into the side pocket...the hit on the cue ball sends it down to the far rail to pick up the three balls over there. The 3 ball goes in and you're sitting pretty for the 1 ball. In goes the 1, and you are careful to leave the cue at just the right angle to pocket the 7, and still get some position for the 5 ball at the other end of the table. Perfect!

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You cut in the 7 ball and slide the cue ball right through that opening in your opponent's balls. It ends up about two feet away from the 5 ball, at a less than perfect angle. That's OK, it's still a fairly decent shot.

The 5 can go two places...let's see...if you put it in the corner, you can at least get it down near the 2 ball, and then pick up the 8. That's the plan. You put a touch of english on the cue ball so that it will bounce in just the right direction, when it hits the rail after sinking the 5.

Here we go... the 5 goes in...the cue hits the rail...was the hit hard enough? Yes! The cue is almost perfect for the shot at the 2 ball. You slice in the 2, leaving the cue with an almost straight in shot on the 8 ball. You're aiming at the 8...this is it...don't miss now pal...the shot. Game over! You ran the table! Good job!

Could this be a vision of your future? Can you see yourself running the table and winning game after game? Would you like to be the one getting the pat on the back for a change?

Well, get ready to learn what it takes to get the job done. If you are a beginner to this fabulous game of pool, or just someone who would like to raise their skill level a bit, Pool for Beginners is here to help. We'll get you straight, on the basics that you need to know, to master this game of pool.

Great pool players are not born that way. They all learned the fundamentals of the game, and put in the practice time to perfect their skill. And you can do the same. So chalk up that cue stick and rack up those balls - we've got some work to do!

This website is a work in progress. If you think of something that should be here and isn't, please don't be shy about letting us know with a shout out on the Comment page. And when you get beyond the beginner stage, come visit our other website at Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource for even more information and items of interest on the world of pool and billiards.

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