Avoid The Cue Ball Miscue

One thing that the beginner pool player needs to learn quickly is how to avoid the cue ball miscue. A miscue will result in the cue ball jumping off the table or squirting off to the side, which will stop your shot before it evens begins. There are a couple ways to prevent them.

The most important way to reduce miscues is to chalk up your cue tip before every shot. If you have ever watched a professional pool match, you no doubt noticed that the shooters chalked their stick before each and every shot.

cue ball miscue diagram

Without chalk on the cue tip, the tip will slide off the cue ball if the hit is anywhere but dead center on the ball. Chalk gives the cue tip come "grab", so it will stick to the cue ball when it hits instead of slipping off.

Another reason for miscues is not hitting the cue ball correctly. There is a zone on the cue ball that can be hit with no adverse effects. Hit the ball outside of this area and you will miscue.

In the cue ball diagram, this this zone is the purple area. Hitting the cue ball at dead center will cause it to have no spin. The further out from center the hit, the more spin is applied. Hitting the cue ball outside of the purple area is asking for trouble.

The beginning pool player should always try to hit the cue ball dead center until they have their stroke mastered. Only then should they begin to hit the cue ball further out to put some english and spin on the ball.

It really is all about the practice. The more you practice, the better you will be, and the less you will have to deal with the dreaded miscue.

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