The Cue Stick Is The Pool Tool

pool cue shaft

pool cue butt

A good cue stick is your main weapon in the quest to shoot quality pool. For this reason, it should always receive the best of care. See this page for a more involved description of proper pool cue maintenance.

For many people the pool cue is just something they select off the rack at the local pool hall or bar. These will many times be crooked or have broken or loose tips. While a good game can be shot with these cues, you take your chances on what will be available.

If and when you decide to become even a little bit serious about your pool game, you should buy your own cue . Having a stick that you practice with and use all the time, really helps add consistency to your pool stroke, and therefore your game.

Pool cues are available in all price ranges, from $20 up to thousands. A beginner probably shouldn't invest more than $50 or $100 at first in a stick. Get to know the game and put in a lot of practice time before you go crazy on an expensive one. It just isn't necessary to spend a lot on a stick to become very good at pool.

The average two-piece pool cue has several sections - The tip, ferrule, shaft, joint, forearm, wrap, butt sleeve, and bumper. For more involved explanations of all of these sections see this page .

The cue tip is one the most important parts of the cue, so you should pay close attention to its maintenance. The tip should be formed into a dome shape, about the diameter of a nickel or dime. It should also be occasionally roughened so that it will accept and hold the chalk better.

The other major consideration to be concerned with is the weight of the cue. Try different weights of stick at the pool hall and decide what weight you prefer. It will make a difference in your balance and stroke to have the proper stick for your body and playing style.

pool cue hard case

Finally, if you do buy your own cue stick and plan to carry it around, get a hard case for it. They are fairly cheap, and are good insurance against anything nasty happening to your cue. Besides holding the cue, they will also hold your chalk, tip tools, and other incidentals.

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