Cue Tip Chalk

The use of cue tip chalk is very important for a pool player. If you watch a professional player, you will almost surely see him or her chalk their stick before every shot. It becomes an automatic gesture, and one that every beginner should use as well.

cue tip chalk

Chalk on the cue tip provides friction and a better "bite" for the cue tip, as it comes in contact with the cue ball. Without this chalk, the tip will have a tendency to slip off the cue as it hits. This will usually result in a miscue and a missed shot.

Applying english and top and bottom spin is almost impossible without the help of a well-chalked cue tip. The more spin desired, the further from the center of the cue ball the cue tip needs to hit. And, the further from center the hit on the cue ball, the more the need for chalk to prevent miscues.

The tip on the cue stick should be roughened occasionally. This will create small pockets and voids where the chalk will collect, ensuring it will stay on the tip longer. The chalk doesn't need to be ground roughly into the cue tip. A simple, light coating is all that is necesssary.

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