The Cutthroat Game

The cutthroat game, also called elimination or screw your buddy, is a three person game. Each shooter gets five balls that he tries to protect and leave on the table until the end of the game. The last person with balls on the table wins.

This game uses the standard 15 balls racked with the triangle rack. The person who wins the break hopes to make a ball on the break like most other games. Unlike other games though, he doesn't want to make one of his own balls.

Some players play by the rule that the first player who shoots is assigned balls 1 through 5, with the second shooter assigned 6 through 10, and the third shooter getting 11 through 15. Others will decide before the game who has which group of balls as their assigned group.

The object of the game is to be the last person with balls on the table. So, the shooter tries to sink all of the balls on the table but the ones in his group. The current shooter keeps shooting until he misses, scratches, or wins by sinking all of the other two players' balls.

When a player's five balls are pocketed he is eliminated from the game and doesn't shoot any more. This shooter may not be permanently eliminated at this point however. A player that is still shooting could scratch.

When a shooter scratches, his two opponents get to remove one of their balls from a pocket. Scratching is something you want to avoid because it could let a player who is already eliminated get back into the gme.

As in other games, try to avoid giving your opponents an easy shot if you miss or do not have a good shot to shoot at. If you have any balls that are tied up in clusters, avoid breaking them out so your opponents won't be able to easily shoot them in. And of course, a major strategy is to try not to scratch.

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