Avoid The Double Kiss

The double kiss is considered a foul in 8-ball, and causes you to lose your turn. It occurs when the cue ball hits the object ball twice during the same shot.

As shown in the picture, it often happens at the mouth of a pocket, when the object ball is slightly out of aim and hits the pic of the pocket and bounces back out. If it hits the cue ball when it bounces out, it is the second time that the cue ball has contacted or kissed this ball, hence the name.

pool double kiss

If the cue ball goes in the pocket or not, the result is the same - the shooter loses his shot. At least if the ball goes in, there is one less ball on the table to pocket.

These double hits can occur in other ways as well. Sometimes an object ball will rebound off a bank and hit the cue ball again before it reaches its destination.

If strong top spin is used, the cue ball might catch up with the object ball and contact it again before it drops into a pocket.

However it occurs, this foul is something you want to avoid during an 8-ball game. The cleaner you make your shots, the less you will have to worry about losing your shot, and maybe the game, in this manner.

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