Hand Chalk For A Smooth Stroke

If you want a smooth pool stroke, hand chalk is the way to go. A little chalk on the bridge hand keeps the cue shaft dry and greatly reduces the friction caused by sweat and moisture.

This type of chalk comes two ways, as a solid block and in powder form. Shown on the left below is the popular cone-shaped block of chalk. This cone has a hole up the center that allows it on mount on the holder shown next to it. To the right below is a baby powder type shaker bottle of powered hand chalk.

hand chalk cone

cone chalk holder pooll talc shaker

With the solid form of chalk, the portion of the bridge hand that contacts the cue shaft is rubbed across the chalk. This causes some of the chalk to stick to the hand for use. Some people rub their cue shaft on the block of chalk instead of their hand.

Shown below here is a package of powered hand talc on the left, and on the right, the wall-mounted dispenser that would be used with it. The button on the bottom of the dispenser is pushed up and powered chalk is released on to the hand.

pool talc

pool talc dispenser

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