The High Balls - 9 Thru 15

In American pool, the billiards balls are numbered. The high balls are numbers 9 through 15, while the low balls are numbers 1 through 7. The 8 ball is not considered a high or a low.

billiards balls

Games like 8-ball and one-pocket, where each player has certain balls to shoot at, make use of these high and low ball designations.

A game like 9-ball also uses the numbers, but only for making the balls in numerical sequence.

The balls 9 through 15 are, of course, striped. This accounts for them being called the stripes as well as the highs. The lower number balls 1 through 7 are a solid color and thus they are called the solids.

So, if you are playing a game of 8-ball, and your opponent says he has the highs, you know that he is shooting the 9 through 15 balls, and you have the 1 through 7 balls.

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