How-To Pool Videos

With the beginning pool shooter in mind, we offer these how-to pool videos. These short lessons can be very helpful to the player just starting out, to learn the basics of the game.

From selecting the right cue, to holding it correctly, to getting the bridge right, and so on - it's all important to playing the best pool you can. Other lessons on the basic pool strokes, how to rack the balls, and the best way to break are also included.

Watch and learn from these videos. If you plan to get good at the game, you will need all the skills that are shown here. And, the faster that you learn this stuff, the quicker you can be kicking some tail down at the bar or pool hall.

After you master the various items shown on the videos, click over to the how-to-aim pages and really bring your game up to higher levels.

Choosing A Pool Cue

Check The Cue Tip

Chalking The Cue

Gripping The Cue

How To Do Pool Bridges

Keep A Level Cue

Hitting The Cue Ball

The Three Basic Pool Strokes

Racking For 8-Ball

Racking For 9-Ball

Learn To Play Pool In 10 Minutes

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