The Low Balls - 1 Through 7

The low balls in pool are usually associated with the game 8-ball. They are also called the solids, because they are are a solid color as opposed to having stripes like the high balls.

pool balls

The lows are numbered 1 through 7. They are the lowest numbered balls on the table, thus the name lows. The 8 ball is considered a neutral ball between the low and high balls.

When playing 8-ball, some people prefer having the high balls over the lows. This is because they feel the stripes on the high balls make it easier to picture where you want to hit the object ball when aiming a shot.

The solids are the same all over and don't make it quite as easy to keep your eye on the particular spot you want to aim at. I have found that there is something to be said for this argument.

The next time someone breaks the rack during an 8-ball game and says they have the lows or the solids, now you know what they are talking about.

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