Nine Ball - A Ball And A Game

The game of nine ball is becoming a real favorite these days. There are many tournaments around and it is often on TV as well. The game appeals to all ages and is right up there with 8-ball in popularity.

The 9-ball is, of course, the yellow striped ball. To sink this ball is the object of the game, as is sinking the 8-ball in that game. This game is a little different, in that the balls are pocketed in rotation.

The game starts off with the balls 1 through 9. They are racked in a diamond shape as shown in the picture. On the break shot, the cue ball must contact the leading one ball first.

If at least one ball is pocketed on the break, the same player continues to shoot. If none are sunk, the next player takes his turn. The balls must be hit in numerical order.

9 ball rack

For example, the one ball is the first one shot at. The player may either hit the one ball in directly, or combination it into another ball. As long one of the balls goes in, he continues to shoot.

Any other balls that happen to go in during the shot count as well. The two ball would be the next one shot at.

Pocketing the nine ball is the object of the game. So, if the player is good or lucky enough to combination the nine ball in ahead of time, he wins the game. Otherwise, the balls are pocketed in numerical order, with the 9-ball going last.

Sometimes multiple players will play a variation of the game called money ball. The rules are the same, but each ball will be given a monetary value. Balls 1 through 8 may be worth one dollar, while the 9-ball may be worth two dollars.

The current shooter is paid by each player for each ball that is pocketed. If he is good enough to do it, the shooter can win all the money for that game if he runs the rack.

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