The Object Ball

The object ball is a simple concept to understand - it's the current ball you are trying to sink in the pocket. Depending on the game you are playing, you will have different objects.

If you are playing 8-ball, it will be either a high or low ball, depending on which you have for this game. If you are playing 9-ball, it will be the next ball in rotation.

If you are playing straight pool, it could be any ball that looks like a good shot, since all balls on the table are open to the shooter. In one pocket, the object will be the next ball that you can make in your assigned pocket.

If the game is cutthroat, your object will be to shoot one of your opponents' balls in. You want to save your balls from being pocketed, as the last person with balls on the table wins this game.

Other games may have different objects to be shot at. It all depends on the particular game you are playing.

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