The Game Of One Pocket

The game of one pocket starts out with the shooter who is breaking choosing a pocket. Only two pockets are used in this game - the two corner pockets at the foot rail. The shooter must choose one of these as his pocket. The opponent gets the other pocket by default.

The first player to sink eight balls into his chosen pocket wins the game. Balls made into any other pocket are removed and spotted on the foot spot.

Any balls may be shot in this game. The numbers of the balls or whether they are stripes or solids doesn't matter. Any balls made in the opponent's pocket will count for him, unless a scratch is made on the shot, then the sunk ball will be spotted.

The shots need not be called in this game. If you get lucky and a ball falls into your pocket accidently, it counts.

The strategy involved calls for the shooter to prevent his opponent from having a clear shot to run the table and sink his eight balls first. Sometimes the shooter may even make one of his opponent's balls, to leave the cue ball in a tough position for his opponent to make any further shots.

When breaking, the shooter should hit the rack on the opposite side from his assigned pocket, so that the balls are knocked that way. The shooter should try to get the balls lined up on his side of the table so he can get the easiest shots possible.

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