Open Table In Pool

The concept of open table in pool is pretty simple. When the person breaking the rack doesn't make any balls on the break, the table is open. This means the table is "open" for the next shooter to take his turn.

In the case of 8-ball, the next shooter may take his choice of low or high balls. If the breaker had made a ball on the break, say a high ball, then that's what he would shoot for the remainder of the game.

If no balls were made on the break and the table was open, the next shooter will usually scope out the table and see which balls are set up the best for a runout. If the low balls were well spread out and had several hangers near the pockets, he would most likely go for those low balls.

In 9-ball with the table open, the next shooter would start his turn by shooting at the one ball, as the balls in this game must be made in rotation or numerical order. Because of the lower number of balls to pocket, 9-ball is a dangerous game to leave your opponent open.

Obviously, leaving a table open after your break is something that should be avoided if possible. Practice your break shots until you can develop one where you can make a ball most of the time. You'll win more pool games if you do.

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