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Pool And Billiards Rules

These pool and billiards rules can help prevent arguments at the pool hall and tavern.

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Some Pool Links To Explore

These pool links will help you get even more information about pool and billiards.

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Pool and Billiards DVDs

On this page you will find many of the finest DVDs about pool and billiards instruction.

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Pool and Billiards Books

Improve Your Game With These Pool Books.

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Pool for Beginners.com

Pool for Beginners is a website for those folks that are new to pool and billiards and want to get up to speed quickly.

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Pool And Billiards Accessories

Pool and billiards accessories are the little items that you keep on hand to help maintain your equipment and complete your setup.

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Welcome to Pool 101

Welcome to pool 101 for a look at all the things a beginner to the game of pool will want to know.

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How-To Pool Videos

Enjoy these how-to pool videos and use them to improve your game.

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Billiards Products

Get your billiards products here.

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Free Online Pool

Come and play some free online pool games.

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The Pool Bridge

It's important to have a solid pool bridge for the best aim and shot-making possible.

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Pool 101 cont.

Pool 101 cont. is the second half of the story.

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How To Play Pool - Aiming

This long article will show you the basics on how to play pool and aiming techniques.

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The Kick Shot 2

The kick shot 2 continues the discussion of kick shots from the previous page.

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The Kick Shot In Pool

The kick shot in pool is similar, but not the same as, the bank shot.

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How To Bank 4

How to bank 4 continues the bank shot making tutorial.

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How To Bank 2

How to bank 2 contains more on the theory of banking in pool.

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How To Bank 3

How to bank 3 continues with more information on banking in pool and billiards.

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The Cut Shot In Pool

The cut shot is used 95%of the time in pool.

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The Cut Shot 2

In cut shot 2, the discussion on aiming for cut shots continues.

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How To Bank In Pool

This section shows how to bank in the game of pool and billiards.

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Pool Table Layout

The image on this page shows the typical pool table layout of the modern pool and pocket billiards table.

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Blast Billiards 2

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Blast Billiards

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This Is Bank Shot Helper 2

This is the second page of the bank shot helper 2 description and use.

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The Tangent Line

The tangent line is a very valuable concept to understand to be a top-notch position player in pool.

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The Tangent Line 3

Use of the tangent line can cause a huge jump in your ability to play quality position pool.

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The Tangent Line 2

The tangent line allows the pool shooter to accurately predict the path of the cue ball after it strikes the object ball in a pool shot.

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Aiming Article

This article explains a system of "aiming without aiming" in pool.

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Learn To Play Pool In 10 Minutes

Learn To Play Pool In 10 Minutes is a video that will quickly get the beginner pool player up to speed on the finer points of playing pool.

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This Bank Shot Helper Will Improve Your Game

The bank shot helper is a simple device that will help you visualize the angles for banks quicker and easier.

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Comment Page

This is the comment page where you can let us know whatever you want.

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The Pool Table

The pool table is a piece of equipment that takes some room to accommodate, but it provides years of fun and games.

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Your Three Basic Pool Strokes

The three basic pool strokes are all you need for the majority of your pool playing.

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Racking For 9-Ball

This video demonstrates for the beginning pool player the proper way of racking for 9-ball.

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Racking For 8-Ball

Pool ball racking starts off the game so the first shooter can break.

Continue reading "Racking For 8-Ball"

Hitting The Cue Ball

A proper cue ball hit is very important to good pool playing.

Continue reading "Hitting The Cue Ball "

Keep A Level Cue

Keep a level cue stick to avoid miscues and other mishaps when shooting pool.

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How to Do Pool Bridges

It's important that you make your pool bridges properly to insure that you get a good stroke and a good hit on the cue ball.

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The Proper Way To Grip The Cue

When you grip the cue, you want your gripping hand to be loose and relaxed, and you want your bridge hand to be snug and slop-free.

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Chalking The Cue

Chalking the cue stick before every shot provides the best results in pool.

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The Cue Tip Video

This cue tip video explains about how to check the cue tip on a cue stick you select to play pool.

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Choosing A Pool Cue

This video explains what to look for when choosing a pool cue at the pool hall or bar.

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The One Pocket Game

The one pocket game is more difficult than others because your opponent can ruin your future shots and you can ruin his as well.

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Some Popular Pool Games

These pool games are some of the most popular and fun games currently being played.

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Rotation Pool Games

This page describes several rotation pool games and how to play them.

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8-Ball Tips

This article gives 12 8-ball tips to improve your pool playing and your 8-ball game in particular.

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Interesting Pool Articles

This page contains some pool-related articles that should be of interest to all pool players.

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