Pool Ball Racks

A well-equipped modern pool table comes with two pool ball racks - the triangle and the diamond racks. The diamond rack is used for the game of 9-ball, where only nine balls are used, and the triangle rack is used for all the other games.

Just about all pool games start out with the balls being racked and then broken up by the first shooter. The games then proceed with individual balls being pocketed.

pool ball rack

9-ball rack

The racks make it possible to position the balls for the break in a nice tight formation. If the balls are not tightly joined together, the break will not distribute them over the table in a satisfactory manner.

Today's pool racks are made of several materials. Wood, plastic, and sometimes metal are usually the materials of choice. Both racks shown above are made of wood. On the left is the standard triangle rack and on the right the 9-ball rack.

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