Pool and Billiards Books

There are pool books and DVDs out there that can really accelerate your skills-building and progress on the pool table. You can shave years off the time it takes to really become a high-level pool and billiards player.

Take a look at the following offerings and see which ones can help you get to the top of your game in record time.

8Ball Secrets is a comprehensive book that will help you take your pool game to a whole new level. It is loaded with illustrations and contains many helpful sections, with a special emphasis on the mental game.

8ball secrets book

Table of Contents:

Awareness Inner Mind Outer Mind
Basic Awareness Pre Game
Chalk Awareness Effective Traits PART IV
Tip Awareness Mind Blocks FAQ's
table Awareness Emotions Glossary
People Awareness After Games Outro
Effect Awareness Basic Awareness
Shot Awareness
Break Awareness
Self Awareness

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