The Pool Cue Ferrule

cue tip

The pool cue ferrule is the white section of the pool cue tip. Depending on the type of cue stick you have, the leather tip itself either glues on to or screws into the ferrule.

Ferrules are usually made of plastic, ivory, or some sort of composite plastic material. They can also be made of metal. The ferrule has a flat surface on the cue tip end that the tip glues on to.

The most common type of ferrule is hollow and slides over the end of the cue shaft and is glued on. The end of the shaft is shaved down to accept the ferrule, so it fits flush with the outside diameter.

screw on cue tip ferrule

combo cue tip ferrule

As seen by the pictures, there are a couple kinds of ferrules. On the left is the thread-on ferrule that also features a thread-on cue tip, and on the right, the slip-on type that comes with the cue tip already attached.

Cue stick ferrules must be made strong to withstand the tremendous force that is imposed on the cue shaft during a pool shot, especially a break shot. They prevent the wood of the shaft from shattering or splintering from the pressure of the hit.

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