Popular Pool Games For You To Play

Today's popular pool games can make your playing time on the pool table a super fun experience. What good would it be to just knock the balls around all the time with no object in mind? The following games are some of the all-time favorites that people have played for years.

If you know of any games that people would like to play that aren't listed here, send us a description of the game on the comment page and we'll add it to the group.

8_Ball 9-Ball 3-Ball
One Pocket Cutthroat Straight Pool
Rotation Pool

Two of the hottest games lately are probably 8-ball and 9-ball. I know that I have been playing 8-ball all my life and the joy is still there to play it today. The game is just hard enough to make it interesting but not so hard that it becomes tedious.

9-Ball seems to be hot in the tournament scene if television is any indication. Players from all over the world can be seen battling it out over 9-ball matches.

Straight pool was more popular in days gone by but still seems to be a staple in pool halls. It seems to attract the more serious player who may be interested in a wager or two on the side.

Last pocket is an interesting game that takes a bit more strategy than most others. It is not one that I play often, but it gets the blood flowing when I indulge in a few rounds of it.

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