Beware The Pool Hustler

A pool hustler, sometimes called a pool shark, is someone who deliberately hides their skill at the game, in order to trick an unwary player into losing money. While there are hustlers at many sports, the game of pool is well known for its particular kind.

The hustler will miss a few easy shots or lose a couple games on purpose to give his opponent a false sense of confidence. The hustler may fake being drunk or somehow impaired to give his opponent the impression that there is easy money to be won.

These earlier games will often be for low stakes like a beer or a couple bucks, while the hustler evaluates his opponent. The mark, or the person the hustler is trying to hustle, will then be open to raising the stakes for the next games, after he has won some money.

The higher stakes game is where the hustler makes his move. Because he is usually a very skilled player, the hustler often wins the big money game. The mark may even go for another high money game to try to win his money back, but he is just playing into the hustler's hands.

Be aware of the pool shark when you play pool with strangers in the future. If you like to gamble on the game, don't bet too much until you really get good at it. You never know what kind of tricks your opponent may pull out of his sleeve.

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