Pool Table Diamonds Are A Bank Shooter's Best Friend

The pool table diamonds are diamond-shaped inlays along the rails of a pool table. These inlays are there to assist the pool shooter in aiming, especially for bank shots.

There are usually three diamonds, evenly spaced, along the head and foot rails, and also three in each section of the side rails. The head and foot spots are placed in the center of the span between the middle diamonds of the side rails.

oak pool table

The diamond inlays are made of various substances. On cheaper tables they will usually be made of colored plastic. On more expensive ones, mother-of-pearl, abalone shell, exotic woods, and other unusual materials may be used.

The diamond system is a fairly complicated aiming arrangement that makes use of these diamonds, to figure out the exact angles necessary to make various bank shots. It assigns each diamond a numerical value, and involves mathematical calculations to compute the angles. It is a difficult system to learn, but practioners who use it swear by its accuracy.

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