The Pool Table Felt

The pool table felt is the cloth that covers the bed and cushions of the pool table. This is either a woven wool, wool/cotton blend, or wool/nylon blend of material.

pool table felt colors

Pool cloth comes in 21 to 24 ounce weights. The cloth on a bar table will usually be a thicker blended cloth to withstand the abuse it must take, while a tournament cloth will be the smoother, thinner, worsted wool.

The felt is applied directly over the slate of the bed and either stapled or glued on around the edges of the slate. It is also wrapped around the rail cushions before they are reattached to the table.

Depending on how much use a table gets, the pool cloth can last many years. When necessary, it is best replaced by professional pool table technicians.

The cloth should be brushed occasionally to remove bits of felt and dirt from the table surface. It is a good practice to keep the table covered when not in use and avoid spilling drinks or other liquids on it.

The cloth comes in many colors as seen by the picture. It is also available with many designs imprinted on it, such as beer, sports team, and school logos.

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