Here's The Pool Table Layout

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The pool table layout for the modern pool and billiards table is shown in the picture below. This setup is typical for most of the pocket billiards type games.

The table is divided into a head and foot area, with the head area being the one that the shooter breaks from.

To break, the cue ball is placed behind the head string in the kitchen area. The first ball of the rack is placed over the foot spot.

pool table layout

When the cue ball is scratched into a pocket or knocked off the table, it is placed in the kitchen area, and it is from here that the opponent begins his turn. The only exception to this rule is when APA rules are in effect in a game of 8-ball. In that case, the cue may be placed anywhere on the table in what is called ball-in-hand.

The head and foot strings are not actually visible on the pool table, but are imaginary lines. As shown in the picture, the head and foot spots are in the center of these imaginary lines. The head and foot strings span between the middle diamonds of the side rails.

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