Pool Table Pockets

There are six pool table pockets on the modern table - one at each of the four corners and one in the center of each side rail. The pockets are obviously where the pool balls are shot into during a pool game.

There are two types of pockets made for the two types of pool tables. The pocket shown in the first picture on the left is the kind made for a pool table that funnels the balls to a central ball drop where the balls are retrieved. This is often how a coin-operated table is built.

pool table pocket

pool table webbed pocket

The picture on the right shows a pocket on a table that has individual pockets. These pockets are usually made of leather webbing, and the balls must be collected from each of the pockets individually.

The opening of a pocket can be slightly wider or narrower depending on the the use of the table. On amateur tables the gap will be wider, while the opening on tournament and professional tables will be narrower, to make the pocketing of balls more difficult.

pool table pockets

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