The Pool Table Rails

The pool table rails form the outer top edge of a pool table. They are the mounting area for the rubber cushions and are joined together by the pockets.

The rails on the typical pool table are from 5 to 7 inches in width. The outer wood of the rails is usually an attractive hardwood, and diamond inlays are placed at certain intervals as an aid to banking and aiming.

pool table rail 1

billiard table rail

The left picture above shows an uncovered rail, with the brown area being the rubber cushion. In the right picture, the rail is shown upside down. The vertical piece of wood is the apron, and the staples that attach the felt to the rail are clearly shown.

The rails usually attach directly to the slate bed after the bed and cushions are covered with billiard cloth. The apron is a piece of decorative hard wood that is attached to, and drops down from, the rail to hide the attachment area and serves to beautify the table.

The rubber cushions are glue bonded to the inside portion of the rails. The pockets are also attached to the rails before the rails are bolted to the bed. Holes are drilled in the slate to allow for these bolts to pass through. The illustration below shows how the whole assembly fits together.

pool table rail assembly

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