The Pool Table Spots

There are two pool table spots on the average pool table - the head spot and the foot spot. These spots are usually made of paper, and consist of a solid black circle with a smaller white dot in the center, that is stuck onto the cloth of the table. The picture shown is a roll of 100 spots.

pool table spots

As seen by the pool table diagram below, the spots are placed in the center of the head string and foot string. The head string marks the boundary of the kitchen area, which is the area where the cue is placed for breaking the rack and when a scratch or foul occurs.

The foot string marks the area where the balls are racked for breaking. The apex, or first ball in the rack is placed directly over the foot spot when the rack is set. This provides a consistent location for placing the racked balls correctly every time.

The head and foot strings are imaginary lines that span between the middle diamonds of each section of the side rails. These lines do not actually show on the pool table, but are put in the diagram for visualization purposes.

In some pool games, balls are sometimes removed from the pockets for a particular reason. When a ball is removed during a game, it is "spotted", or placed on the foot spot before play continues.

pool table diagram

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