Rotation Pool Adds A Twist

The term rotation pool simply means that you hit the pool balls into the pockets in numerical order. 9-Ball is the game that usually comes to mind when referring to rotation.

In 9-ball, the first shooter breaks the rack and, if any balls go in, he continues shooting. He will start with the one ball, unless it has already been pocketed, in which case he will start out shooting the lowest numbered ball on the table.

The shooter then continues to aim for the next higher numbered ball, all the way to the nine ball, which wins the game. The shooter doesn't necessarily have to pocket the balls in numerical order to continue shooting.

As long as the shooter hits the next ball in numerical order first with the cue ball, he can sink any ball on the table. As long as he makes a ball on each shot he keeps shooting.

Since the ultimate object of the game is to sink the nine ball, the shooter can play a combination, using the rotation ball to hit the nine ball into the pocket, and win the game without having to sink all the lower numbered balls first.

Be on the lookout for this type of opportunity if you play nine ball. It can win the game for you quickly, and you won't have to go through the entire rotation to do it.

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