Run The Table If You Can

The term "run the table" in pool refers to sinking all your balls and winning the game in one turn or inning. This is not at all easy to do, but the better you get at the game, the sooner you will be running tables yourself.

In 8-ball, running the table would mean sinking all your high or low balls and then the 8 ball in one turn. If you did this right off the break all the better, because you can win the game without ever giving your opponent a shot.

In 9-ball, it would mean sinking all the balls in numerical order, finishing up with the 9 ball to win the game. This happens more often in 9-ball than 8-ball , because there are fewer balls on the table that act as obstacles to making your shots. It's still not easy though.

In straight pool, the term would be more like running the racks. The object in straight pool is to sink the entire rack of balls, and continue shooting more racks, until you get to your desired number of balls sunk. The game is often 150 balls, but the number can be whatever the players agree on.

Running a table of pool balls is one way of telling that your pool skills are definitely improving. The day that you run your first table will be a very happy day in your pool career. I know it was for me.

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