Straight Pool Or 14.1 Continuous

The game of straight pool has been aroung for a long time. It was probably the most popular game until the last couple decades, when it has been overtaken by 8-ball and 9-ball. It is a 2 person or 2 team game.

This game is also called 14.1 continuous because of the way the game is played. It's played with the usual 15 balls, racked in the triangle configuration.

After the break, when 14 of the balls are pocketed, they are then re-racked, with the remaining 15th ball still on the table.

One of the objects of the game is to sink this 15th ball in such a way, that it causes the cue ball to rebound into the rack and break it up, thereby opening up more shots for the shooter. The player then keeps shooting in this continuous fashion until he either wins the game or misses a shot.

This is a call-your-shot type of game. Even on the break, a player is expected to call the ball and the pocket it will drop into. The player who wins the lag is allowed to turn over the break to his opponent if he chooses.

As long as the shooter continues to make his called shots he continues to shoot. Other balls that may fall in the holes count for the shooter as well, as long as he keeps making legal shots. Combinations, caroms, kisses, and banks are all legal, and any balls may be shot in this game, regardless of their number.

The game often goes to the first player to sink 150 or 500 balls, but this number may be anything agreed to by both players or the tournament sponsors. A good player could possibly run up that many balls in one turn, so it is very important to avoid missing in this game.

One strategy of straight pool is to play a safety if you absolutely don't have a shot. For your 15th ball, always pick an ideal ball to leave on the table, that will allow you to break up the rack. This is very important if you want to run more than one rack at a time.

And remember that if this ball is situated where the rack will go, it will be placed on the head spot and will be a very difficult ball to pocket. Choose your 15th ball with care, and you will be in good shape to make "continuous" racks and win the game.

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